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Learn about the current stamping machine

Stamping machines now have many benefits.
Stamping machines are used by mechanical manufacturers
Today, the creation of curved domes of manufacturers has used a machine called dome stamping machines. With the use of stamping machines the products have been created with many different designs. However, many people still do not know about this machine.
1. The structure of the stamping machine

There are many types of stamping machines on the market today, but their sizes are mostly large with tons of weight. machines, workshops, mechanical manufacturing ...
On the external structure of the dumbbells, you can see that it has a body that holds the motor and the motor inside it. Along with that is the thick wall machine is used to create arched roofs, a thick base helps the stamping machine stand firm. The outer surface of the dumbbells is mostly rolled with chromium plating.
Stamping machine creates curved arch
The internal structure of the stamping machine consists of a set of motors and 5.5 kw pumps, a pressure switch, a press brake, a set of dies, a four-axis dome and three shafts and a control cabinet, a motor. Hydraulic vicker / orbit
With the structure shown, a stamping machine is very complex with many components in the interior. However, the appearance is very simple.
2. Application of the stamping machine.
Stamping machines are extremely complex so that it creates many products with many different applications.
First of all, the application of roofs of different shapes and curves. With the creation of curved roof arches have been used in many of the sunshades to cover the sun, rain cover. At the same time, the dome is made up of many different styles that can be used in many different porch spaces.
In addition, the dumbbells create mechanical products for fitting into the space needed to use the curvature of products such as rims, rims, machines and equipment in life need to bend. ...
With the above application, it is shown that the dumbbells are very useful and necessary in today life. Therefore, it is used by many mechanical manufacturing facilities.

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